Memorable experiences for you and your employees!

Contact me for a chat!

Memorable experiences for you and your employees!

Contact me for a chat!

what do you want to acheive with your event?

I ask questions till I am sure we have found the best plan for reaching your goal with this specific event.
Maybe you want your company to work on «engagement» for a day or two. If so, I make sure this saying is being reflected during the whole event.

local activities at Møre

I make events with focus on local activities in this region, eg rowing competition with a goatboat


I customize events with both professional weight and active content

physical activities

I offer a wide range of physical activities in this region

Experiences you never will forget

Your are concerned about your employees. I am concerned about you. Together we make collective memories for you and your employees.

I organize, plan, facilitate and implement events which you as a manager do not have the opportunity to take care of.


I really appreciate getting to know new people. You are more than welcome to contact me for a chat, a stroll or a coffee.

Telephone: +47 92 85 59 22


Address AS, Batteriveien 14, 6508 Kristiansund

Org nr: 915 536 166 MVA

How to succeed With Your NeXT event?

Here you will find several tips on how to succeed with your company event. I would love to chat with you, helping you developing your ideas become the event everybody talks about for a long time. 

Tips on how to arrange your summer party at work

 I take responsibility for everything related to the summer partys implementation. I can recommend the use of local ingredients for food, for example, as seafood tapas catering. You can rent a tent, with all the accessories, since the weather can be a challenge here in the region. If you want to be indoors, there are many beautiful locations to choose between.

Who can arrange Conferences in the Møre region?

I can plan, organize, arrange and facilitate exellent conferences. In Kristiansund there are several great loctions for small and mid size conferences. If you want some bigger locations they might be found in Ålesund or Molde. 

Where do you want to bring Your management Group for a summit?

You and your coworkers may very well have your management summits within the company walls. Anyway, I woud absolutely recommend you choosing to leave the company properties. This is to fully be able to focus on the content in the summit without any interuptions. You may choose the hotel nearest to your company, or you may travel by Hurtigruten or head for a hike in the mountains. There are many options both locally, regionally and nationally.

Where can Your Company travel for Your summits?

I organize travels wherever you want to go. Anyway I want to recommend you to explore your neighborhood. Locally you have icelets with great food, accomodation and experiences.  There are cabins in the mountains and guesthouses with a long history. In other words there are many opportunities both locally and regionally. 

Feel free to contact me

I appreciate getting to know new people. Feel free to contact me for a coffe, a chat og a stroll.

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